: - The mission of Growing Up Farms is to develop and encourage indoor food production in smaller, sustainable spaces, closer to where our food is being consumed. Allowing people of all backgrounds to assert control over their own food sources.

OUR VISION: - Food is a central theme in every culture, community and family. While it impacts us on a global level, and is certainly the source of much political discourse, there are simple issues that Growing Up Farms will address at a local level.  "The problem": Our current food system has become so removed from the people who are consuming it that most people do not know where their food comes from or who is growing it. We believe that land conservation is critical and that our behavior now directly affects future generations. Our current food production systems use a great amount of resources and are the cause of significant pollution to an already over-taxed environment. Growing Up Farms sees a solution that is easy to implement, sustainable, cost-effective, and community-focused. By establishing urban food production facilities that are community-centric, we can create positive change in how people grow and relate to their food.

OUR PLAN: - We will promote the growth and stability of urban agriculture by developing indoor growing facilities in urban conditions. We will then use our model facilities to teach, train and encourage others to build facilities in their own neighborhoods. A vital part of our plan is to go out into the community, through school programs as well as on-site programs. We will use these programs to educate kids and adults about nutrition, farming and sustainable food production.
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Our Open House event on January 26th was a great success. Click here for photos.

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